Thank you for showing an interest in taking part in CRN Fight Night 2024. Please see below some important information about the next stages of the process and selection.

Closing Date

We will not be able to accept any applications after Friday 12 January 2024.

Please ensure that you have filled in the application form online before this date. You must be working within the UK IT channel to apply.


Assessments will take place on 1, 5 & 6 February. Dependent on volume of applications, everyone should receive an invitation to an assessment. These will be offered on first come, first served basis.

The assessment is made up of a basic fitness test and we will take your measurements (height, weight, body fat percentage). No previous boxing experience is necessary.

Selection Process

The CRN team along with our professional boxing coaches will select the best possible matches from the applicants that attended an assessment. Please note that there are 20 possible fighters chosen for 10 fights. Every year we have over 150 people apply and so the selection process is a tough one.

We normally only pick one person from a company to fight each year (unless exceptional circumstances occur) and this decision is only based on the best possible match up available.

Unfortunately if you have successfully taken part in previous years you are unable to qualify again.

We will aim to let all participants know the outcome by mid February .

What happens next?

Once the 20 fighters have been chosen, a photo shoot is arranged. All fighters must attend this. If you cannot make this date, we need to know ASAP.

Training will then commence. The assessments, photo shoot and training will all take place at the Ring Boxing Club in Southwark, South London. All fighters will be required to attend an assessment, the photo shoot and a filming day in London.


Chosen fighters will be able to train wherever they like but this cost will not be covered by CRN. We will make every effort to help you find a suitable trainer local to you but no financial contribution will be made. Fighters who train at the Ring Boxing club will be given a 12 week all inclusive training programme covered by CRN.

If you are training outside of London and are unable to make a weekly session at the Ring Boxing Club you will be expected to attend a minimum of 2 training sessions at the gym. There will be online sessions available.

Training sessions are allocated once the selection has been made at a time convenient to you. This will entail 1 session each week with the personal boxing coaches. You will also have unlimited access to the gym and all of the classes throughout your 12 week training period.


There is no cost to enter the event or to attend an assessment. However all fighters/chosen companies that are selected will be expected to buy at least one table at the event.

For any other queries please contact Sabrina Shilstone

 t. +44 (0)207 484 9887 e. sshilstone@thechannelcompany.com